Manufacture Better Products with a Polyethylene Product
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Custom Chemicals for Manufacturers

Wax Coatings & Other Chemically Superior Products

Make your manufactured products more durable with chemically enhanced wax coatings from our company in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Moretex Chemical manufactures the highest-quality wax coatings and other chemical products at reasonable prices. Listed below is a small sampling of the many products we produce. Please contact us to discuss custom polyethylene powder and other products for your specific needs.
Wax Emulsions
This is just a short product list of our wax emulsion capabilities. We offer a broad range of solid percentages to meet your product requirements.
Moropol 35N
Morokon 40N
Moropol 40N Technical Bulletin
Moropol 40N

Polyethylene Powder
Mopoly MSDS
Mopoly Technical Bulletin 
Mopoly Food Grade
Regulation Certificate

Specialty Products
Morox 35 MSD Moretex Soft-Kon MSDS
Bottles, Wax Coatings in Spartanburg, SC

Call us in Spartanburg, South Carolina, at (888) 810-7296 for quality wax
coatings and other chemical applications that make your products better.